Delapre People

Below is a Full Delapre Primary School Staff List as at September 2017

Delapre Primary School Staff List

Here are a selection of descriptions and pictures provided by the pupils


Mr Portrey


Mr Portrey is our Headteacher. His favourite colour is green. Mr Portrey likes riding his bike and playing with his children on the beach.    

Mr Portrey loves going to the rugby.  He works hard in assembly and is good at magic.


Mr Casey


Mr Casey is Deputy Headteacher.  Mr Casey loves a good game of football especially when Liverpool are involved! He loves pizza and his favourite colour is red. Mr Casey hates to shout and tell people off but he loves to play around and have a good joke. 

Mr Fisher


Mr Fisher is a Deputy Head and he teaches in Year 5. Mr Fisher likes hard-working children but also has a good sense of humour. He likes Lego and Star Wars. He is sporty and likes football. He supports the Cobblers. He is also a fan of One Direction!


Mrs Leivers

Mrs Leivers is Assistant Head Teacher and she is in charge of Reception and KS1.  She is very kind and polite.  Mrs Leivers has an old teddy bear called Teddy Edward and her favourite food is biscuits!


 Miss Tomaschuk


Mrs Tomaschuk teaches in Reception.  She is good at helping people learn.  She tells good stories



Miss Brockwell


Miss Brockwell teaches in Reception.  Her favourite colour is purple.  We think Miss Brockwell looks like a real Princess!


Miss Johnson


Please be patient.........   Work in progress!



Mrs Clark

Mrs Clark teaches in Year 1.  She is very kind.  Mrs Clark likes running.  She is very good at art and craft!


Mrs Gompertz


Please be patient.........   Work in progress!



Mrs Woods

Mrs Woods teaches in Year 1.  Mrs Woods makes us laugh.  She is kind and caring and is an excellent story teller.  Mrs Woods helps us to learn.


Mrs Pollard



Please be patient.........   Work in progress!



Mr Archer


Please be patient.........   Work in progress!



Mrs Fleming

Mrs Fleming teaches in Year 2. Mrs Fleming is a great teacher. She is always nice and kind to us. She teaches us new and different things.


Mr Masters


Mr Masters teaches in Year 2. Mr Masters is very considerate. He tells funny jokes and makes us laugh. Mr Masters likes chocolate cake (but not too much)  and playing tennis.


Mrs Simpson


Mrs Simpson teaches in Year 2. Mrs Simpson is very caring and kind. She always has a smile on her face!  She teaches us and helps us when we are stuck!


Mrs Millers


Mrs Millers teaches in Year 3.  Mrs Millers is a magnificent teacher and her lessons are always fun.  She is very good at catching and throwing.  She plays hockey.  Mrs Millers has done a parachute jump!

Miss Griffiths


Miss Griffiths teaches in Year 3.  She is a great teacher who brings life into all our lessons.  Her favourite food is chocolate, her favourite colour is red.  Miss Griffiths has a French Bulldog.


Mr Pawlusek


Please be patient.........   Work in progress!



Mrs Butcher


Mrs Butcher teaches in Year 4. Mrs Butcher is funny. She cares about people. She makes lessons fun and is a brilliant teacher. She loves chocolate!



Miss Letts


Miss Letts teaches in Year 4. Miss Letts is brilliant at ICT and P.E. Her favourite colour is purple. Miss Letts likes to eat chocolate and loves watching Strictly Come Dancing!


Miss Williams


Please be patient.........   Work in progress!



Mrs Darby

Mrs Darby teaches in Year 5.  She is kind and helpful and has nice ear-rings.  Mrs Darby likes blue best and her favourite food is Spaghetti Bolognaise.  


Mr Thomas


Mr Thomas teaches in Year 5. Mr Thomas is very sporty and fun. He likes to make people laugh and cycles everywhere he goes! He knows about everything!


Miss Choudhury

Miss Choudhury teaches in Year 5.  Miss Choudhury is kind and caring. She loves doing 'arty' things and she doesn't like to shout.  She makes lessons epic!  Miss Choudhury is amazingly smart!


Mr Flynn

Mr Flynn teaches in Year 6.  Mr Flynn is always happy, he is very kind and makes us the best that we can be.  He is very organised.  Mr Flynn likes rubgy and impersonating teapots!!



Mrs Clayton


Mrs Clayton teaches in Year 6.  Mrs Clayton likes cooking. Her favourite colour is blue and her favourite food is cheesecake. She likes saving the world! Her special subjects are Literacy, Year 6 SATs and getting the children ready for big school.


Miss Cartwright

Miss Cartwright teaches in Year 6.  Miss Cartwright is kind and caring and has a beautiful smile.  She helps us to do our best.  Miss Cartwright has a tortoise named Hamish!