Home Working

The Home-Working Year Group Tabs (on the right hand side of the page) contain weekly work.  These tabs are available from Monday to Friday.  They will be 'hidden' over the weekend to allow time for work to be added in preparation for the forthcoming week.

The Additional Daily Tasks tab contains all of the details that were previously on this page.  The list outlines some activities that the children may undertake at any point whilst not in school - they can be accessed in conjunction with the weekly activities set within the Year Group tabs.

The Well-Being tab contains ideas and advice for mental health well-being and mindfulness.

Please feel free to investigate the work in other year groups if you feel that is more appropriate for your child.  This could either be a year group above or below.

We realise that every home and family situation is different and therefore are mindful that not all children will access all activities.  That is perfectly reasonable.  Above all else, we want everyone to stay safe.