This is me....
This is me.....
Year 4 at the Verulamium
Year 4 at the Verulamium
4W Brass Concert
4W Brass Concert

Welcome to Delapre Primary School


Dear Parents and Carers,

At our school we believe in providing a traditional and disciplined approach to education within a caring atmosphere, where pupils will always have someone to talk with should they feel the need. 

A sense of purpose is evident throughout the school and our dedicated staff view it as a privilege to nurture the talents, and influence the lives of the young people within our care. We are proud of the education we provide and practise an open door policy for parents and prospective parents alike. 

Always feel free to drop in and view the school in action.
I trust you will find this website helpful.

H Portrey

Delapre Child

A Delapre child sitting smiling with a book.

A Delapre child has manners and grace.  
A Delapre child knows their place. 
A Delapre child is kind and caring. 
A Delapre child is generous and sharing. 
A Delapre child doesn’t squeal or shout. 
A Delapre child leaves no-one out. 
A Delapre child shows lots of heart. 
A Delapre child plays their part.
A Delapre child is good in class.
A Delapre child learns really fast.
A Delapre child has help to lend.
A Delapre child respects their friend.
A Delapre child is put to the test.
A Delapre child is simply the best.